Tuesday, November 18, 2014


The land of Zapata has once again become a beacon of hope in the middle of the arid desert of corruption which today controls politics as usual in Washington, Mexico City, Ottawa and beyond.
Mexico is rising above to a government that they have been a salve of for decades; the land of Zapata has finally woken up.
Mexico has had a rough patch, a hard and long 4 years of fighting the odds. We turned our head when we heard about a new drug leader, a new politician or a new bill; because we are just used to waiting because the problem is there not here with the people.
Since 2011, every year Mexico has been convulsed by an important social explosion in favor of the transformation of our corrupt political system. Four years of protests, marches and movements and seeds of concientization topped by the cold case of Ayotzinapa: 43 missing students since the 29 of September.
The last sexenium (2006-2012) was widely advertised as the “war against drugs” pushing the agenda of security as priority for the country by ex-president Felipe Calderon. The result was dreadful and all the world was an observer of how Mexican politics changed once again and how Enrique Pena Nieto’s campaign for president started climbing the newspapers and television channels. We all knew this presidency was strategically planned and bought years ago.
In 2012, Pena Nieto won the elections and turned the national agenda focus point to the much needed reforms in energy in education known as the Pact of Mexico.
Ayotzinapa is what is getting the worlds heads to turn to the government we are facing, to the poor jobs they have done in their duties and the sorrow and scared people of Mexico. Ayotzinapa is, like in many other cases, the tip of the iceberg.
How did we get to this broken state?
 The Swiss/Mexican community is organizing a demonstration in Geneva in front of the United Nations December 14th.


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