Tuesday, October 28, 2014

25 dreaming

Twenty-five is when things start to change, begin to turn over -- the slow march toward the machine of life. I recall my dad telling me how important it was to mark the end of my University years. He took my hand and told me smiling: „after this, the years will kind of blend, you will remember your 18th birthday because you had that epic party; but after – you start collecting little goals and accomplishments".

I remember thinking well that sucks, I would like to remember each and every year, what if I don’t accomplish anything that year? You just forget?

Yes, you forget or maybe I am just learn to not give a fuck. They do blend.
Yes, I am not at my dream job, not even close. But I tell myself I have a solid plan. A plan I developed when I was 16 in English class and still in the Educare bubble.

24 was definitely the year it all fell apart. Reality crash, bad decisions, you name it. It all happened at once. Thank God its over. So I am definitely not scared of 25 and I am rather a happy-scared-excited

Gone are the awkward days of my teenage years. And all of a sudden everyone seems to tell me that I am now a quarter century old and to remind me how important it is the decisions I will do this year.

Here is a list of things you should know at 25:

·         Your parents are awesome brave people.

·         You should know how to choose friends, and to be conscious only the good ones survived. I have friends I call that are my family.

·         You should have learned by now that you can’t do it all by yourself. Let people help you.

·         Even if you don’t get along with that aunt that lives close by, it important to make an effort.

·         Have a plan. Chances are it won’t work out the first time, but it’s important to have a picture of where you’re headed.

·         It’s ok feeling lonely. It’s ok wanting someone to love.

·         Financial planning sucks. But it will save you lots of headaches and “surprise” costs and in the end you will be grateful you spend that extra hour doing your taxes.

·         You should know how to make a house or apartment your home.

·         You should know how to cook at least 5 meals. Maybe some canapés for the next dinner party would be great too. We all love someone who can cook.

·         Know what kind or worker or boss you want to be. I dated a workaholic guy and I still don’t get why these people prefer to meet a deadline than have a nice dinner out while all the co-workers are long gone. The line between working for a living and living for a job is there for a reason. Know what kind or worker or boss you want to be.

·         Random acts of kindness are awesome and will make you feel great. Helping the old lady pack the groceries in a bag will take you two minutes and will make the lady’s day. Do it.

·         Take care of your body. I juuust joined the gym and I keep thinking to myself I would be so hot if I had done it 10 years ago.

·         Eat healthy. Simple.

·         You should know that those Friday night drinks are what keeps you from going crazy and are just as important as the weekends you choose to stay in with a glass of wine.

·         Dreams are key to get there. You may say I'm a dreamer, but I am not the only one.

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