Friday, June 14, 2013

The perks of living alone

1. Less food is always better, seems your wanting to feed the whole neighborhood. 
2. Take for granted that you bank account always has less than you think.
3. It's a fucking mystery where dust comes from.
4. You'll clean forever and it wont ever be clean enough. 
5. You start cherishing you alone-time. 
6.  Laundry-Day: you will most definitely do it in the wrong cycle and there will be guaranteed a time your clothes will come out pink or light blue.
7. You shall have all super cards from all your frequent stores.
8. Reading the paper of the discounts is basic.
9. I think it’s the smell that makes it fell like home.

10.  Mostly, you can walk around naked all the time. No, but you can do anything you always wanted as a kid. I painted my door red for starters.

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